As of tomorrow, school’s out and summer’s in. For teachers, this is what we call New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow the floors will get swept and the cats will get brushed and the produce will get washed and put away. Next we’ll clean our classrooms and pack up all the work we’ll take home with us to prepare for the classes to come in our New Year.

Today? Today is fun day. I am filled with love as I send my students off into the world and they leave with me small parts of their hearts I’ll treasure long after I forget their names. Sometimes, they also leave sweet gifts on my desk like the one that looks like flowers, but they’re really pens (“…and the red flowers are red pens!”) and the cards that say the kindest things you’d ever want to hear.

Best wishes to you, class of 2013. I’m so very thankful to have been a part of your journey. Thank you for trusting me to guide you a few more steps down your path.

And to us left behind, it’s summertime!








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