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The Teacher Collective Vision

Through sharing our thoughts we come to truly understand an undeniable fact: every one of of us has something to learn from all those we encounter. Teachers are not omnipotent; we are simply and profoundly human, all of us with gifts to give and receive. Teaching from this perspective gives us a sense not only of our own power, but also the power of others; teaching from this perspective allows us to find both the reward and the responsibility for our craft. We became teachers because we love. We love our subject, we love our students, we love our colleagues. It is easy to become overburdened by unrealistic and relentless expectations and political realities; by asking the question, “What can this teach us?” we remember that the love that will sustain us is the love of learning.

The Teacher Collective Mission

The Teacher Collective’s mission is to build a community that serves teacher warriors with resources and inspiration. Our intention is to help teachers sustain their commitment to students they serve with a sense of integrity, purpose, and humor.

The Teacher Collective is made up of warriors who love this work and are willing to see its challenges and complexities as opportunities to learn. Whether here on this site, in our workshops, or on Facebook, there are always new things to discover about our profession to enhance the way you think, learn, and, ultimately, teach. In work that can be so taxing to our personal, physical, and emotional reserves, the fact is we need each other and, accordingly, a warm and informed sense of community is what The Teacher Collective aims to provide.

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