A note to a teacher I coach. A note to all of us. #theteachertribe

Hey Love.

Hold space for them to share their worries. Reassure them that they are safe with you. That you love them. That everyone you know loves them and they are safe with them too. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over one million voters. This is not a referendum on hate; it’s a referendum on our system that allows hate to be legitimized by an archaic system.

Had millennials been the only voters, Secretary Clinton would have won by a landslide. Google that for the map image. Show them that image and explain to them how that means the future is safe. We are making huge progress. We just need to keep going.

In the meantime, it’s our job to love and be kind and care for each other. Look in our own hearts and our own homes and our own school to see if we are living the life we claim to want and believe in. If we are contributing to a world we want our children to be raised in. If the values of our school match the values of our teachers and our kids and their families. No? Then we start there.

And then we organize. We band together in solidarity and we fight through and in love. Side by side. You, them, me, and all of us.

Here’s what I know: The degree of darkness in the world is matched by the degree of light. However dark this time is, there are equal parts light willing to fight off that darkness.

You are a part of that light. Trust yourself to know what to do and what to say. You love them. In the end, that’s what they really need to know.

Reach out anytime.


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