“My liberation as a man is tied to your liberation as a woman.”

I am deeply tied to my work as a Woman’s Studies teacher for many reasons, most of which center on the fact I empower my students by helping them find a more full and authentic sense of themselves. While I know I educate the handful of young men in my room every year about how they, too, can embody the ideals of feminism–which, after all, begin and end with the right for men and women to have equitable choices and opportunity for success–my work in this vein is geared toward empowering young women.

I know that is my purpose, but I also know I can only get so far in my work with young women without a man doing the same kind of work with young men.

Educator and activist, Tony Porter, delivers a TED talk about the box men are raised in and the impact that has on women. As inspiring as it is, it reminds me that the best way we can get this crazy world on track is if we do it together. Be it with their sons or their students, I hope this talk inspires the men in our audience to do work of the same kind.

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