Summer is here, the time of year we crave until it comes and we quickly remember it’s often more work than the school year itself. Nevertheless, there are so many glories to behold. Mornings are bright, beautiful, and early, the produce at the farmer’s market plentiful and gorgeous, and the late morning breakfasts at the local diner leisurely–unless you have a couple crazy boys in the mix, that is.

Remembering to view those two through the lens of gratitude is not the least bit difficult in the quiet moments; it is, however, fairly problematic in the brink-of-a-blow-out moments that are punctuated simultaneously with bodily noises, rich laughter, and a screech that alerts me to the fact that the fun has turned all bad. Putting them in their rooms allows me a respite to gather myself and remember these are the moments I will miss when they are grown.




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