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Wildflowers Don’t Grow in Rows: A Memoir

Women in their mid-30s often find themselves at a crossroads as they start to
question everything they said they wanted, everything they thought they were working for,
and, in some cases, the entire life they had spent so many years carefully creating.
Wildflowers Don’t Grow in Rows is an intimate look into one woman’s reckoning of anxiety,
betrayal, and the oppressive nature of "shoulds" that plague so many of us. In it she learns
that a life is not meant to be "perfect," it is meant to be whole.

Wildflowers Manifesto

Manifestos are public declarations that aim to both inform and inspire. They are written as if to say: This is who I am. Care to join me? The Wildflower Manifesto is for strong women and the people who love them, calling on all of us to take responsibility for our circumstances, step courageously into our truth, and reach tall for what's next. When we speak our truths, others feel liberated to do the same.


Most educators assume students entering upper level high school and higher education come with research and writing skills; because of the uneven and inequitable outcomes plaguing many of our schools, however, that is not the case.

Skills I Wish I Learned in School: Building a Research Paper was written in direct response to the need students have for specific skills left out by current standards, especially in the area of social studies. Written in an easy to follow, step-by-step manner.

Skills I Wish I Learned in School: Building a Research Paper is a fantastic resource for students who need a frame of reference for how to research and write a basic research paper. Reproducible handouts offer students an additional layer of support and references for where to find additional information in areas such as writing and citations are also included. This all-inclusive handbook helps students break down the daunting task of research in ways that feel doable, and then moves them forward through a comforting structure that gets them to their end goal successfully. It also is a valuable tool for high school educators looking to teach their students how to write a research paper.

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