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Thoughts on Teaching, Belonging, and Community

Living and Learning Butts Up

By Nicole | Sep 23, 2010 |

While I don’t think the good old days were all that “good,” I do think there is something to be learned from them. Our kids today have everything, and yet they often are missing a major component essential to life: joy. I remember when I was six my grandma had a car with an 8-track…

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Has it Really Been 20 Years?

By Nicole | Sep 1, 2010 |

I attended my 20-year high school reunion last weekend; as a good friend said, it really was more like a family reunion than anything else—a tribute to the special kind of group we were, a group we still are. I never doubted the fact that I wanted to attend this reunion; high school was an…

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Fixing Schools from the Ground Up

By Nicole | Sep 1, 2010 |

 I am a part-time high school teacher who should be going home right now to pick my own kids from school; trouble is, the school where I work is on lockdown because of a potentially violent police chase in the neighborhood. Given this fact, I have an unusual chunk of time to reflect on my…

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Thank You

By Nicole | Sep 1, 2010 |

 It was any normal Sunday afternoon at the zoo: the sun shone brilliantly, the birds chirped relentlessly, and the animals basked in the glory of people’s admiration. Usually my husband and sons and I go on our own, but this time we had the boys’ Godparents and their two children with us—an unusual occurrence given…

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Receive and Release

By Nicole | Jun 1, 2010 |

 I’ve spent the last two years focusing on releasing, surrendering, and letting go of fear, expectations, putting other’s feelings before my own–all the normal things the average person with a healthy dose of anxiety and a well-honed type A personality carries in life. My goal in my pushing-40 time-of-life is to put all of that…

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A Lesson Learned in Raising Boys by Teaching Women’s Studies

By Nicole | May 12, 2010 |

 I am exceptionally fortunate to not only work in a profession I love with kids I adore, but also to work with easily some of the most amazing people on earth. One of them was Dana Rosenberg, a powerful figure on our campus for her high standards of teaching and also for living. This was…

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Deal Changer

By Nicole | May 1, 2010 |

 You know when you have a pair of jeans you love and wear all the time, but one day they just don’t fit quite right? You keep wearing them because, after all, they are your favorite pair; however, every week that goes by they feel more and more strange. One day you pull on those…

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Ignoring My Way to Peace

By Nicole | Mar 1, 2010 |

In my high school psychology class I teach my students about a game almost all of us play called, “See What You Made Me Do?” It goes like this: you do something I hate, I shout at you, you ask me why I’m shouting and I respond with the all-encompassing and oft-used, “Because you make…

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“That Mother”

By Nicole | Feb 1, 2010 |

 You know the one: pulling her hair out stressed, yelling at her children as they climb the shelves and pull down fruit in a way that makes it all come tumbling down. The one who lectures them in the car all they way home; the one who sends them to their room until “their father…

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The Ethic of Care

By Nicole | Jan 18, 2010 |

 “Is it a law that I can’t hit my brother?” my son asks. “No, of course not,” I answered, “but in our family we take care of each other, we don’t hurt each other.” “But, I won’t go to jail, right? I’ll just go on time out?” he prods. “No, you won’t go to jail.…

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