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Thoughts on Teaching, Belonging, and Community

Courage or Comfort

By Nicole | Apr 17, 2020 |

Note: This post was originally written in July of 2019. I write this post at a very particular moment in time. The leaders in positions of power in my country are perpetuating hate in ways I could not have imagined three short years ago. It is a time of both reckoning and rumble, a time…

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18 Years and Zero Days

By Nicole | Apr 7, 2020 |

It’s time to start seeing him a little differently. It’s time to start treating him a little differently. It’s been coming for a while and we’ve made appropriate adjustments along the way but, this day? This is the day we have been both dreading and waiting for. This is the day he is an adult,…

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My Two (or Five) Cents

By Nicole | Dec 21, 2016 |

So many of us are so tired this time of year. The tape plays, “I’m so tired…I’m so tired of being tired…I’m so tired of not making any progress…I’m so tired of this sh%#ty system…” and it goes on. And on. It can wear on anyone, most especially someone in charge of the care and…

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Serving One Another, Serving our Students

By Nicole | Nov 16, 2016 |

A note to a teacher I coach. A note to all of us. #theteachertribe Hey Love. Hold space for them to share their worries. Reassure them that they are safe with you. That you love them. That everyone you know loves them and they are safe with them too. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote…

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Today, We Work.

By Nicole | Nov 10, 2016 |

Friends, yesterday we held space. Today, we work. I got an email from a teacher I used to coach who works in the south. His class is about a 50/50 split in which presidential candidate they and their families supported. The pro-DT half told him they are not racist or sexist and they hate that…

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I Have A Confession to Make.

By Nicole | Nov 4, 2016 |

I’m an unabashed hater of DT and make no apologies for it. And, I now recognize and admit freely, I have judged those who support him. And judged them deeply, without regard for why they may be buying the “outsider” line, why they tolerate, repeatedly, the ugliness of this man and how he walks in…

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By Nicole | Oct 17, 2016 |

(Update: in 2020 we made an intentional change to the name of the group discussed in this post. Story on that coming up soon) I started the hashtag #theteachertribe and, soon after, the Facebook group because it felt right. One of those things you do because you can’t not do it. So I did. Then last…

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International Women’s Day

By Nicole | Mar 8, 2015 |

My heart feels so full today. I had a great weekend spent with teacher colleagues on Friday and my colleagues in life, my sons, on Saturday. Last night I was so deeply moved by the photos and speeches coming out of the 50th anniversary of the march to Selma, a time so symbolic of how…

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You Belong

By Nicole | Feb 14, 2015 |

You belong among the Wildflowers You belong somewhere close to me Far away from your trouble and worry You belong somewhere you feel free You belong somewhere you feel free Tom Petty, “Wildflowers” Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and there’s no greater gift for your Valentine than the liberation from “fine.” And by “your Valentine,” I…

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My Guy

By Nicole | Dec 29, 2013 |

I write often in Facebook posts and blog stories about my younger son. He’s a sweet and affection boy who is prone to dramatics; accordingly, there’s a funny story waiting to be written almost each and every day. My older son, though, is different. Maybe because he’s older. Maybe because as he enters his tween…

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