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This past summer my family and I traveled to the countryside of France for my brother’s wedding. He and his bride gave me the honor of not only walking my beautiful niece down the aisle, but also of speaking to what I know of marriage. My hard-earned wisdom on the subject came as the following.…

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The Curve Ball

I’ve made it clear to the universe and my family and friends that this will be my last year teaching in a traditional classroom in a traditional high school. Something else awaits and, while I know not yet what it is, I know that something exists. Something that does not deplete this introvert’s energy so…

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A Conversation with My 8-Year Old

Hey, Mom, did you know we have another teacher? Another teacher? Yeah, a math teacher. He comes in once a week. He came last year too. Really? What for? To teach math, duh. Easy Attitude Guy. Right, sorry. (hands up, palms facing me, eyebrows up as if to say, “Whoa, chill, I got it”) To…

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