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Fourth Thankful Thursday

Summer is here, the time of year we crave until it comes and we quickly remember it’s often more work than the school year itself. Nevertheless, there are so many glories to behold. Mornings are bright, beautiful, and early, the produce at the farmer’s market plentiful and gorgeous, and the late morning breakfasts at the…

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Third Thankful Thursday

As of tomorrow, school’s out and summer’s in. For teachers, this is what we call New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow the floors will get swept and the cats will get brushed and the produce will get washed and put away. Next we’ll clean our classrooms and pack up all the work we’ll take home with us…

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Second Thankful Thursday

This week brings us closer to the end of school and the beginning of summer. We’re so close, it’s almost as if we’re unable to sit still. We run off to school dances, we draw our way through mixed emotions, and we pause to ponder the gift of being present in the every day.

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