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Every decision we make comes from the knowing that through all things and in all ways,

We belong to one another.


We believe in the power of mistakes and the power of doing better when we know better.

We pray with our feet.

We engage with others from a seat of kindness.


When faced with what’s right and what’s easy, we always aim to do what’s right.

We work to the very best of our abilities through an intention of service,


with a special eye on serving those who have been and continue to be underserved.


A rising tide raises all boats and so, every day, we set our gaze on rising the tide within each of us in the name of all of us.


Wildflowers believe we are all entitled to speak, live, and celebrate our own personal truths. We aim to support strong women and the people who love them to act with Grace, purpose, and a healthy dose of badassery, giving each of us the courage to stand tall in the light of our lives.

The Teacher Collective is a community that serves our warrior teachers with resources and inspiration. Our intention is to help one another sustain our commitment to our students with a sense of integrity, purpose, and humor.


“Being a Wildflower doesn’t look like any particular thing. It just looks like you, doing the thing that you know your heart heas always wanted to do.”

- Ashlie Wineman, CA.

“Thanks for all the great resources, but most of all for your passion which inspired me! Back at work today I have already begun reworking my writing assignments and rubrics.”

- Liqa Moin

“Thank you so much for the fantastic presentation last Friday, Nicole. You did such a great job on your presentation.”

- Karen Cardenas

“I learned so much from your presentation that I am passing along the information at our staff meeting this Friday. You have made a great impact on my teaching and hopefully the teaching practices of my 47 coworkers. Thank you very much.”

- Lisa Merrell

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